Scaling Watery Depths Through Sound

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Scaling Watery Depths Through Sound
November 14, 2012 6:30 pm
ITD Sydney
November 2, 2012
Clovelly Bowling Club
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Cnr Boundary and Ocean Street, Clovelly, NSW, 2031, Australia

Tonight we evoke the element of water – plunging its depths where fabled Mermaids may or may not swim. Real or imagined, fabled or fact, there she is – in the zeitgeist of urban myth and ancient folklore – her tale as old as religion. She’s beautiful – strumming – dangerous – sexy – beastly – and alluring – but does she really exist? Reticent to talk her out of existence – many believe that just maybe … she’s blanketed beneath the noise of a dense fog of slate coloured water. Our relationship with the ocean is deep and complex – some even believe we sprung from it – before loosing our webbing and walking on land.

As we learned to tread did we forget our ‘Mer’ ways?

Come now – hold your breath as we go deeper to investigate her – she the siren of the sea.

An evening scaling watery depths through sound. Hear two ABC Radio National ‘Night Air’ features exploring our relationship with water. Enjoy the launch of a mermaid feature produced by self-confessed radiophile Siobhan Moylan

Wed 14th of November
6:30pm for a 7pm start
Clovelly Bowling Club
Cnr Boundary and Ocean Street
Clovelly, NSW 2031
(on the hill next to Waverley Cemetery overlooking the sea)

$9 on the door

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